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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 14, 2017 12:30pm-12:59pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues. with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again we begin at 12:30 with the latest on the nor'easter that moves through the region. there is more snow in the lehigh valley, with a mix of snow and ice in philadelphia and the winds are whipping and that is a big problem. we'll show you the lehigh valley where higher amounts of snow have fallen, this is the scene earlier in allentown as plow trucks were busy cleaning the streets and philadelphia now where there is mix of precipitation and snow early and then topped with freezing rain and it's a messy situation on the streets. be careful if you have to walk around or even drive. the nd down at the shore the beaches, thirsson's inlet next to ocean city. live team
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johnn odom and walter perez have a look at philadelphia, and the lehigh valley. and melissa magee and david murphy has the latest from accuweather. david we start with you. >> i like seeing all the guys bundled up it's cold out there. the snow is departing areas but the winds and windchills are part of the package this afternoon. as for snow it looks to pass north of doylestown and bucks county beginning to dry out and allentown is thinning out and there is lingering snowflakes and the heavier stuff in lavender is parting easton and reading and hamburg a broken pattern of lighter precipitation, we thought the heavier stuff would end mid-day. and the storm system pulls away and the winds shift from the northwest and some pops through and does not have much additional impact. around the predawn hours at 4:00 and 10:00, the low pressure center was so close to the coast
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it did produce the change ore off the coast, givingsouth jers the coast it punched the rain line close to srted with snow r 3, 4, 5 inches and then for hours and hours it was rain and sleet and freezing rain and there are still power outages with the freezing rain and ice on the limbs and wires. and up north mainly snow with some sleet mixing in but this is why you don't have as much snow on the ground in philadelphia and a lot more ice. be careful on the roadways out there even later today after the precipitation ends. so snow and sleet so far, in and around the immediate region, we are talking about the i-95 corridor. philadelphia fire company 56, 5 inches, king of prussia 5.8 inches and they may not be final numbers but they are getting
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close. and west windsor 5.5, and if you go farther up toward allentown we have places that have a foot or more and the poconos got two feet of snow, wind gusts, an issue even after the snow ends, there you see the center of that low pressure and the counterclockwise flow. this shoots away from us, and there are fairly blustery winds for the rest of the afternoon and evening and as a result we have severe windchills and it feels like the teens in the northern half. the region and better down south, if you head down to work with that shovel you'll want to bundle up and cover the extremities it's uncomfortable out there. we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. and see if we can't warm things up for days, five, six, seven. now john rawlins is along township line road in royersford with conditions there. >> reporter: the latest conditions here we may get blown
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away, the wind has picked up but we have not seen precipitation in the last half hour 45 minutes and things change quickly. there is township line road behind me and pavement. that was not the situation earlier this morning. >> it's kind of nasty. more ice than anything. >> first, we started off with nice fresh powder and then the hail mix and now the solid sheet of ice. it's a pain. >> the storm brought to the far western suburbs, for snow, followed by a wind blown icy sleet for seven hours. >> it's like little shards of glass hitting you all over the place. it accumulated into a slushy material that at one point was described as having the consistency of snow cone ice.
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and the neighborhoods largely deserted except forever the occasional plow crew or first responder, getting around could be hit or miss. >> slippery, go slow. >> and be careful. >> you could go in the wrong direction. >> have you to get to work when you are a nurse. > even all-wheel drive no push. not a good morning to get around in a not good, i'm sliding around and and had to shovel myself out a couple of times. >> people by and large seem to follow the advice of the governor and penndot and stayed off the roads during the worst of the storm. that let the crews get out and clear and they are starting to clear at least the main roads are starting to clear. back to you guys. >> good to see, thanks john. to westfield where a pine tree weighed down by ice nearly
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took down a family's car. one was crushed and the other was left damard a rumbling soun it fell. but it could be worse. didn't get the house too much. it brushed up against it, but make sure there are no leaks. it got the cars pretty good. >> his fiance decided not to drive her car to work because of of fear of an accident on the roads. vernon odom is live in center city. the offices opened but late this morning? >> reporter: they opened an hour late this morning sara. but a lot of city employees they wished they could have had this day at home to think about this bad weather we are having. but here in center city. it has been sunny for a few minutes here. city government is functioning and the city streets have far
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fewer people and so do the office buildings and the and restaurants as well. but center city is functioning and well despite the bad weather. >> center city started to cive of souls braved the elements to get to their drives. the sidewalks being shoveled and the plow trucks are out and septa is functioning. city workers got the word they were expected to report to work at 10:00 and performing their duties even if they would rather have the day off at home. >> parks and recreation. >> you are post? >> yes, i am. >> city employees are their duty. >> we try our hardest. we try to please. >> the private sector much of it is opening up at this hour in parts of town. this west philadelphian had to dial upset t when his bus would transport to h
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position. >> we have a delayed entry at 12:00, evete, i'm good, because the >> between the slush and wind we found a from china making their way across philadelphia. they found a lot of placed we w and the liberty >> come back and visit us again? >> maybe next year or summer. >> she has the rightwe have llsg times in philadelphia as well. the department of city office of emergency management is gearing up come this afternoon like streets freezing up or the slush or ice that is left around freezing up tonight but right now no money . live in center city, atitall, i6
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theion news." problemhore at this hour. oding i little bit of rain, with thisno as the storm contiea. good time to check in with meteorologistems at the ant to show you a picture from this is ocean city, new jersey, you see the height of the storm. we have the c:00 in the morning. we are on the backside of that moisture as it continues to pull away. thanks for that picture. it tells the story. the high wind warning is up until 4:00, winds gusting from 50 to 60 miles per hour from lakehurst down to wildwood in new jersey, and on westward in dover and as far south as rehbo
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only beach. some peak wind gusts, the lewes buoy 60 miles per hour gusts and tucker ton 62 miles per hour and dover 60 and 40 miles per hour in ocean city and 46 miles per hour in atlantic city. the higher wind gusts are along the immediate coast, 38 in ac and 48 miles per hour gusts in dover and lighter to the north and west and 22 in reading and 35 in philadelphia. this is what to expect as we go throughout the rest of the day. the snow mix and rain is coming to an end as the precip pulls to the north and east and the road conditions improve as the heavy moisture moves on out. it's good to clean the cars and driveways and dealing with heavy wet snow on top of sleet and rain. it is likely that things will refreeze overnight and we are dealing with the hard freeze and get the job done right now. we'll have more on the storm and what to expect in its wake,
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coming up if the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. lets check out the situation in the lehigh valley walter perez is in allentown and earlier this morning nearly whiteout conditions? >> reporter: earlier today it was bad. the snow is still coming down and tapered off dramatically over the past hour or so. a live look here at the intersection of tillman street and cedar crest boulevard. it's hard to tell with the wind blowing everything around but at least 6 inches fell here turning allentown into a quiet frozen city today. over the past several hours we have seen everything from snow to sleet to freezing rain and the only thing consistent is that it hasn't stopped and this storm is expected to linger for a few more hours, penndot officials are urging everyone to stay off the roads. >> it will be hairy for the next several hours if not the rest of today and the daylight hours.
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we stress don't go out and stay where you need to be and wait until this thing ives or and let our crews do their job. >> penndot spokesperson, rob young, says so far the roads are relatively devoid of traffic. >> we don't see many motorists out there, for the most part they are heading the warnings to go slow. >> we found few shops open for business this morning and the ones opened are not seeing too many cust manufacturers opening up. even the dunkin' donuts -- >> usually -- >> fast paced in and out. today iffy. pretty much. >> hit and miss? >> yes hit and miss. >> back out live the precip slowed to a drizzle. the roads as you can see are snow covered and they are passable but not safe by any
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stretch of the imagination. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in northern delaware, ice has become the big concern with the storm building up on trees and wires causing power outages, 26,000 customers from delmarva power are out. all right lets go live to center city with the septa officials updating the media and public with the service situation at this hour. >> we'll work to bring back routes as the storm subsides and roadway conditions improve. that approach also allows the streets department and other municipalities and penndot to a better job and faster job of salting and plowing operations, so the big focus of ours and coordinationest for us is to get the bus routes back. city trolleys are up and running
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okay but there are some delays, service on the media sharon hill 101 and 102 is suspended because of icing on the wires. but pilot cars are running on the lines -- >> septa updating us on the septa situation. a number of lines were suspended. many delays because of the winter storm and they are trying to get things back up to normal as the commuter situation goes into the evening. of course we'll have all the details online at as far as social media is concerned, use #6abcaction you have been sharing your photos all morning lon and we want you to keep them coming. alicia vitarelli is at the big board to show what you captured. >> over here at the big board the images we are seeing are
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pretty but much nicer to look at than be out in. if you stepped outside you know what we mean. sherry shared this shot of her screened in porch saying it's a wall of ice check that out. hopefully she is warm and cozy inside.ow that she sees what ise other side. lauren snapped this picture of trees c in shad beautiful but you see the weight of the ice on the branches and that there i crazy twice and power outages in that area are reported. >> and thisre from philadelphia too young for a snow storm. poor mason he he can't get out shovel with rest ome day mason. and finally --
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>> that is little patty from collins wood. he love its today because that is his favorite word. snow. her almost 2-year-old, she used hashtag weather man in the making. share your pictures safely of course, using #6abcaction. >> thank you t this reminder webe on the air earlier tomorrow. on the air at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the very latest. we'll take a quick break as we do lets look live from mobile 6 this is broad street and the streets are turning to more wet than white right now. cars moving at a good clip. it could still be slippery spots out there with the temperatures dropping. we'll have more "action news" when we come right back.
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looking live at king of
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prussia and the roads are covered in an icy mix and snow and slush. be careful out there because again, a lot of icy mix is still out there on the roadways for drivers. the storm is also hitting up north of us in new york. people were seen reveling in the snow covered streets in times square. okay. take a look. they were hard at work shoveling pathways to walk and others had fun with a snowball fight, and new york city is dealing with strong wind gusts like we are. newark police say that a report that a woman was robbed overnight turned out to be false. a 24-year-old female called police to say she was approached from behind at 8:00 last night at the christina complex. that is when the victim stole her jewelry and after an investigation police say her story was not true and charges are pending against the woman. another break and then an
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david now with a check from accuweather as we watch this precipitation moving out. >> we are thankfully. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that most of the area is now drying and if i take a look at the overhead view allentown is seeing a big breakup and the stuff in reading is spinning out to the west and north of trenton be careful of freezing rain and sleet. as we take a look outside the other issue is the wind and the shore is where to go if you want see that. the strongest gusts are off the ocean from the area of low pressure. the center of the nor'easter in the process of move ago way from us. we got ice that diminished the snowfall i-95 corridor, it created this problem, freezing rain on a power line and that is happening in the center portion, this is salem county from jen.
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but you can see how that wire is being weighted down and part of the reason we have power outages in the central area is because of the sleet and the freezing rain. got more of that and less snow. kind of like an underachiever and overachiever, down to 30 in allentown and above freezing in millville and cape may. these are straight rain and you probably have a lot of wet roadways and not a lot of frozen stuff from south jersey. and windchill is making it feel raw in philadelphia. and single digits in the poconos and 21 in millville and bundle up if you head out there to do there is the center of the area of low pressure o coast of south jersey and on itst us and dragging most of the snow with us and there are wrap s you are starting to see if that more westerly wind and that will probably come through later this afternoon with little additional
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impact. overnight cloudy and slush out there this afternoon will freeze solid. look for icy patches tonight and tomorrow. and 21 is the overnight low and the windchills are already in the teens in a lot of spots. tomorrow morning how about single digit windchills you'll want to bundle up on the way out the door, tomorrow morning mostly dry in the afternoon and could be an upper level feature that pops up snow showers and not expecting a lot out of this. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 34 is today's high and snow in the process of ending, still windy and cold. tomorrow will be brisk and cold with that spotty snow shower. 36 under the sun, still thursday and then st. patrick's day cold enough for coats and extra gear, 38 and could be pop-up mixed precipitation cells, back to the mid to upper 40s next week. >> sounds down right balmy. quick break and more news when
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we continue. we are saying so long to the
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nor'easter. >> icing on the roads tomorrow mornings but the snow is pretty much moving out and lightshower. win a >> that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for melissa magee and rick williams, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. stay safe out there.
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hey, guys. if you haven't heard, the northeast is in the middle of a blizzard. there. >> i can >> if only there was some way to warm up and fast. >> guys, i know. >> wait a minute. are you thinking what i'm thinking? >> all: pool party. ♪ >> announcer: today, grab your pals and a swimsuit, because we're having a pool party. michael's in the kitchen with the hilarious cheech marin. clinton's showing your how to keep your cool with refreshingly easy tips. and daphne's got kickin' kid crafts perfect for the whole family. we're diving into deliciousness, right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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